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Turkish Officials “Mogadishu Cleaning Project Would Restart in Two Days”

Storyline:National News

Mogadishu StreetTurkish Officials has told Goobjoog News that the Turkish Municipality would restart cleaning project in Mogadishu, this is after Banadir regional administration said on Friday that the service has been halted.

The officials cited technical clinches for the decision to halt the service in the first place, but would reinstate it in of the highly ambitious project.

Istanbul Municipality and Turkey Red Crescent has been running several projects in Mogadishu since 2012, this includes cleaning the streets, collection of solid waste, environmental arrangement and the erection of an industrial site.

Since Turkish President Rajjeb Tayeb Erdogan visited Somalia during the catastrophic famine of 2011, Turkey government and its citizens has delivered tremendous aid and developmental projects throughout the country, especially the capital city.

In Mogadishu the Turkish Development Agency has build tar roads, state of the art hospitals, schools, places of worship and even supported government institutions. This is unmatched to any other government in the world that ever tried to help Somalia.

Mogadishu and Istanbul has signed an agreement to become twin cities, under this agreement the Istanbul Municipality has shipped some 100 rubbish collection vehicles and other important tools and machinery to Mogadishu, which was otherwise impossible for Mogadishu local government to achieve it.

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