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Turn any bike into a fitness-tracking smart bike with the SmartHalo

Storyline:Science & Tech

We have seen a number of smart bikes hit the market in recent months, bringing some impressive capabilities such as GPS tracking, navigation, and fitness monitoring, along with them. But, for those of us who are quite happy with our existing rides, trading in our bikes for a new model isn’t always an option. Thankfully, a new device called the SmartHalo promises to deliver many of those same features to just about any bike on the road.

The SmartHalo connects to most handlebars using a modular system that allows the device to be snapped into place whenever you’re ready to ride, yet it is easily removed when you reach your destination. When locked into the bike mount, the actual brains of the SmartHalo can only be extracted using a special HaloKey that is custom-made for each individual. If a would-be thief attempts to take the gadget — or steal the bike it is attached to — it will set off a high-pitched alarm, alerting everyone in the vicinity.

The device pairs with a smartphone using an app for iOS and Android. That app provides turn-by-turn navigation by illuminating a series of LED lights embedded along the outside of the Halo itself. Those lights turn on and off to indicate when it is time to make a turn, and in which direction, allowing riders to know exactly where they are going at a glance. In a separate compass mode, the device only provides an indication of the general direction in which a destination can be found, encouraging riders to explore new routes to get to where they are going.

Other features include fitness tracking for distance, speed, calories burned, and other metrics. The SmartHalo also alerts riders to incoming phone calls and text messages so they won’t miss an important contact, and it even comes equipped with lights that automatically switch on when it gets dark and turn themselves off when the ride is over. Its rechargeable battery is good for about 20 hours before requiring a recharge.

Perhaps the best part of the SmartHalo is that it is available now for $149. Additional bases for use on more than one bike can be purchased for an additional $29 as well. To find out more, visit