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Two cabinet ministers appeared before federal parliament

Storyline:National News

The federal parliament of Somalia has today  taken meeting in Mogadishu; the session that opened late was attended by 139 members of parliament.

The delay of the parliament is attributed to low quorum as most of the MPs went to Baodoa to attend the inauguration ceremony of Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, the newly elected president of South west Somalia.

The agendas of the Parliament session were, Reading the bill of Independent committee of Boundaries and Federal, debate on 2015and important issues.

Minister for interior and federalism Abdullahi Godah Barre appeared before the parliament and read the bill of Independent committee of Boundaries and Federal, the bill was distributed to the members so as to debate on the coming sessions.

On the other hand Finance Minister Hussein Abdi Halane also made the First Reading of 2015 budget before the parliament; the members are expected to debate on the budget the following sessions.

Finally speaker Jawari urged the lawmakers to get ready for Thursday’s activity of debating on the no confidence motion; he called the members to be punctual.