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Two ISIS Militants Surrender to Government Forces in Puntland


GOOBJOOG NEWS/BARI: Two ISIS militants surrendered to government forces in Bari region in Puntland as pressure on the extremist groups in various parts of the country.

According to the police in Puntland, the two militants gave up to the security forces in Balidhidhin area in Bari region. They were carrying weapons and military uniform when they surrendered.

In a brief interview with the media while on security guard, the two said they were trained to fight Al-Shabaab for control of the territory.

Both Al-Shabaab and ISIS have fiercely fought in the Bari region particularly the Al Miskad mountain ranges.

ISIS established its foothold in Somalia in 2015 when former British based preached Abdulqadir Mumin announced the formation of the group in the Galgala mountain ranges in Bari region.