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U.S airstrike kills 2 terrorists in Lower Juba region, Somalia

Storyline:National News, Security

US forces conducted an airstrike on Friday, April 19, in Somalia’s Lower Juba region, killing two Al-Shabaab militants, the US Africa Command said on Saturday.

Friday’s airstrike was conducted in coordination with Somali forces and was the second by the US forces this week.

The attack was carried out in the vicinity of Jamaame, some 50 kilometres from Kismayo which was a few years ago an Al-Shabaab-controlled region.

Africom said its assessment had shown that no civilians were killed on injured in the airstrike.

The force pledged to continue working together with Somali forces to rid the country of terrorists. It also hailed pieces of training offered to Somali forces, saying they “are paying dividends.”

“When we train a relatively small unit and that unit then engages with other Somali forces, the experience and professionalism we instilled in the original unit spreads to others, and that’s making a difference,” Africom said.

The US and neighbouring African countries have been battling Al-Shabaab for more than a decade, and have been attempting to stand up a viable Somali government and security forces during that time, but with little success. Despite the US strikes, Al-Shabaab maintains an effective insurgency.

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