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U.S. donates 350 hospital beds to bolster Somalia’s COVID-19 response

Somalia’s efforts in fighting COVID-19 got a boost Monday following a donation of hospital beds and accessories by the U.S. government.

The U.S embassy in Mogadishu handed over 350 beds and 500 bedsheets to the Ministry of Health Monday to support the government’s efforts in ‘preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19.’

U.S ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto said the donation will go a long way in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

“The United States is proud to assist the Somali Government during this critical time,” said Yamamoto. “Well equipped isolation centers where patients are well cared for and are safely and comfortably separated, will help limit the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country.”

The donation from USAID will be used in ICU units in De Martino hospital and in isolation centers in Mogadishu and be distributed to newly established isolation centers in the regions according to a statement from the embassy.

Health Minister Fawziya Abikar said the donation makes it possible to save lives and better prepare the country to control the spread of the disease. “To beat this outbreak, everyone needs to continue to peacefully follow health guidelines, observe social distancing, and maintain good hygiene practices,” said Abikar.