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U.S. embassy in Somalia announces grant for female journalists

Storyline:National News

The U.S. embassy in Somalia has announced a $5,000 grant for women journalists’ organisations in Somalia.

In marking this year’s International Women’s Day, U.S. ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto hailed female journalists in the country noting their contribution was remarkable in the country’s recovery process.

“Despite the additional challenges that women journalists in Somalia overcome on a daily basis, they nonetheless work every day to contribute to the development and advancement of their country and communities,”a statement from the U.S. embassy noted.

The newly appointed ambassador observed that his country ‘is proud to support women who inform the public of important investigative, political, and economic reporting that is inclusive of viewpoints from many segments of society.”

“As part of this commitment, during his March 9, 2019 roundtable for women journalists in honor of Women’s Day, U.S. Ambassador Donald Y. Yamamoto announced a small grant opportunity of up to $5,000 for women-led organizations working on issues related to women in journalism,” the embassy said.

Applicants have until March 28 to submit proposals to be considered for the grant.