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U.S. welcomes Himan and Heeb decision to join central state formation deal

Storyline:National News

Acting U.S. Special Representative for Somalia Brian H. Phipps welcomed the addition of Himan and Heeb as a signatory to an agreement in principle to form a regional administration in central Somalia.

“The United States welcomes this important agreement and looks forward to continuing progress towards establishing an administration,” stated the Acting Special Representative.

The United States Government praised the efforts made by the concerned parties and stated that it will remain a committed partner to the government and citizens of Somalia and will continue to support Somalia’s path towards a peaceful, stable, and prosperous future.

The decision of Himan and Heeb was also welcomed by the EU and the UN special representative, and is seen as a significant step in the process of building a Federal Somalia.

Himan and Heeb administration yesterday signed the agreement to join the new administration in central Somalia that was earlier signed on 30th July to form an interim administration in central Somali regions of Galgadud and Mudug.