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Ubah Tahlil: We are in Galkayo to assess the needs of the people

Storyline:National News

Somali lawmaker Ubah Tahlil Warsame who in Galkayo stated that she visited the town to assess the needs of the people in the region.

Ms Ubah Tahlil vowed that she will present the problems of the people in the region to the Somalia federal parliament in Mogadishu, she called Galmudug state and its people to work closely to avoid disagreement and clashes.

The member of the parliament has shown how the region needs development and peace that can lead the people of Galkayo to prosperity.

Tahlil urged Galmudug administration to unite and support the suffering people in Mudug region.

Recently Somali government announced that five regions in South and central Somalia witnessed severe droughts, Mudug was one of those regions affected by the food and water shortages .