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UN envoy demand answers from the federal gov’t on the legal basis arrest of Mukhtar Robow

Storyline:National News

UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia Nicholas Haysom has demanded the federal government to provide an immediate explanation about the arrest of Mukhtar Abu Mansur and all that happen in Baidoa town.

Haysom said that he wrote a letter to the Ministry of security of the federal government of Somalia and the officials have answered that the arrest of Robow was involved by Somali police supported by the United Nations.

The letter stated that over 300 people including children were arrested during the days of the demonstrations.

However, the Ministry of Internal Security of the federal government of Somalia has previously justified on a press statement that Robow had on several occasions failed to heed the government’s call to quit the presidential race on grounds he was still not done with the U.S over sanctions it imposed on him in 2008.

The government has also accused Robow of ‘delivering weapons and militants to Baidoa’ adding the former Al-Shabaab leader who defected to government August 13, 2017 ‘has not quit his radical ideology, and can still do arm to the people of Somalia.’

In a statement released on 21st Dec 2018, the international donors have expressed their significant concern with the conduct of the police during the election in Southwest state.

In a particular statement, the international community donors have suspended the support to the police of Southwest state for the time being.

“This suspension is limited to the SWS  and applies to the use of both ongoing stipends payments and to the preparation of the recruitment, vetting and training of additional 400 SWS police that were the subject of a recently approved Joint police programme,” says the statements.

The statement has confirmed that the federal police and other state police services will continue to be available.

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