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UN envoy James swan brief to UN Security Council on Somalia’s situation 

Storyline:Security, World

UN envoy James swan brief to the UN Security Council on Somalia situation in 2020 and progress made search as achieving debt relief, planning one person one vote elections, finalizing the federal constitution, advancing the fight against al-Shabab, and consolidating the federal state.

“The Executive Boards of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have confirmed Somalia’s eligibility for debt relief under the Enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative.  This milestone demonstrates that with unity and common purpose, the federal government and federal member states can achieve even highly ambitious goals” James swan said.

On the other hand “the federal government has put key legislation to strengthen Somalia’s fiscal framework, such as the BusinessCompanies Act and the Public Financial Management Act. The 2020 budget approved by Parliament and signed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmajo’ reflects steadily increasing revenue generation” he added.

James swan also stated that Somalia navigates the remaining challenges and achieve its ambitious priorities; all Somalia’s stakeholders must work together in the national interest.  This responsibility begins with Somalia’s leaders.  It is for them to engage in dialogue in a spirit of national unity and set aside narrow political interests to strengthen Somalia’s state, security and prosperity.

Political space and debate will be an essential component in the year ahead in Somalia to enable candidates, journalists, civil society and international partners to engage frankly in the political discourse.  We especially look forward to hearing the voices of women, youth and minorities in an open debate on Somalia’s future.

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