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UN envoy to Somalia meets Banadir governor in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Muungaab iyo Kay

The special envoy of UN secretary general for Somalia Nicholas Kay is taking closed door meeting with the governor of Banadir region and mayor of Mogadishu Hassan Mohamed Hussein aka Muungaaab in anagraph center in Mogadishu.

The envoy and the mayor discussed wide ranged issues including training local government forces and strengthening the security of the city.

After the meeting  the spokesman of Banadir administration Administration holding press conference said the two officials agreed to speed up the relations between UN and Banadir administration by training local community forces and promoting the engagement of the poor people particularly women in the capital.

Kay said he is happy to visit the mayor’s office for third time and commended Muungaab’s commitment hold fair elections in Mogadishu.

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