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UN lashes out at Osoble, warns against attempts on Hiiraan state formation

Storyline:National News
UN chief in Somalia Michael Keating addressing the media during a past function. The UN and international partner in Somalia have cautioned against unilateral formation of Hiiraan state in central Somalia. Photo: UNSOM

The international community has warned against attempts to form a new state in central Somalia noting that any such unilateral move is not only illegal but detrimental to the federalization process in Somalia.

In reference to pronouncements by former HirShabelle state president Abdullahi Osoble pushing for the formation of Hiiraan state, the UN and other international partners in Somalia have in a statement cautioned against such a move.

“While noting that Mr. Osoble disagreed with the impeachment process, Somalia’s international partners urge all parties to continue the efforts to address this important matter through the established constitutional and legal means and to refrain from any actions that could undermine the consolidation of the state building process,” the IC said.

Osoble who was dethroned last month through a no confidence motion by HirShabelle state assembly in Jowhar vehemently condemned the impeachment blaming the Prime Minister Hassan Khaire and President Mohamed Farmaajo for his political woes. He later announced he was moving to Beletweyne to push for the formation of Hiiraan state.

HirShabelle state was formed last October after protracted process bringing together Hiiraan and Shabelle regions in central Somalia.

Any move outside an agreed federal state formation process is null, the International Community (IC) said Wednesday. “ Unilateral steps that have no legal basis and which are detrimental to the ongoing state formation and stabilization efforts are not helpful and are a cause for concern.”

HirShabelle state assembly is set for presidential elections September 12 with four candidates having submitted their papers to participate in the exercise.