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UN SRGS expel reactions ripple across the country

Storyline:National News

Reactions are rippling across the country following the federal government decision on Tuesday to expel the United Nations Secretary-General Nicholas Haysom from the country.

Somaliland administration issued a press statement today to reject the decision of the FGS and affirmed to continue full collaboration with UN and its staffs.

A union council for change in the Southwest state of Somalia has also issued a statement to welcome the letter of the Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary-General for Somalia dated 30/12/2018 questioning the role of the AMISOM, Ethiopian contingent and Somali state and federal police forces in killings of civilians, casualties and mass arrest of peaceful demonstrators including children as well as the abduction and arbitrary detention of Mukhtar Robow.

The union council for change has also embraced the decision of UK, Germany and EU probing the role of the Somali police forces and their conducts during the South West State election process.

“We have repeatedly raised our concern for the human rights violations taking place in Baidoa during the SWS election and we will continue to do so,” reads the statement

The council for change has urged the federal government to reconsider its decision for the sake of the Somali people and asked the relevant authorities to bring the perpetrators, who committed crimes in Baidoa and violated the national and international laws, to justice and call the FGS to release Mukhtar Robow without impediment.

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