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Students’ Union of SIMAD University expresses concern over situations of Somali refugees in Kenya and Yemen

Storyline:National News

Students’ Union of SIMAD University has called Somali people to help their brotherly Somalis in Yemen and Kenya.
Khadar Mohamed Farah, one officials of the group who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News expressed concern over the situation of Somali refugees who remain trapped indefinitely in Yemen.
“Somali refugees in Yemen faced an uncertain, often dangerous situations. They lived in poverty, struggle to find work but now, with Yemen embroiled in fresh internal conflict, our brothers and sisters have to be ferried from there ”he said.
Due to the escalating conflict in Yemen, Somali refugees who fled Somalia’s civil war early 1990s have been pouring back to Puntland, Especially Bossaso, a port town that lies hours ride from Yemeni’s main towns of San’a and Add’an.