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United States reaffirms its Support for Somalia’s Sovereignty

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: The United States has reiterated its support for Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Mary Catherine Phee stated that the United States shares the view of the African Union (AU), the regional bloc IGAD and other international organizations that Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected.

She further stated that the U.S. was concerned about the potential impact the Memorandum of Understanding between Ethiopia and Somaliland could have on the ongoing war against the Al-Shabaab militia group saying the deal could undermine the Somalia’s progress in eradicating the group and restoring peace and stability in the country.

Shared Future

She further noted that the U.S. supported “conversations between the peoples of Somalia and Somaliland about their shared future.”

“We share a concern that this proposed memorandum of understanding could be very disruptive to our shared struggle, which include Ethiopian investment over the years against Al-Shabaab and its negative impact on the people of Somalia. And we support conversations between the people of Somalia and Somaliland about the shared future,” she said.