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UNSC delists Sheikh Atam from 1884 sanction list

Storyline:National News

United Nation security council has reached decision to de-list from Al-shabab leader Sheikh Mohamed Said Atam who defected to the federal government from 1884 sanction list.

Senior government officials confirmed that the de-listing of Sheikh Mohamed Said Atam came as a result of federal government efforts to negotiate with UN and other member states due to his renounce of violence and association to Al-shabab.

Sheikh Atom has surrendered to federal government of Somalia on June 2014, holding joint press conference together with Somalia’s information minister Mustaf Dhuhulow, Atam Atom condemned al-Shabaab’s attacks on civilians and religious figures and top leader Ahmed Abdi Godane’s oppressive rule. Atam pledged to become a man of peace

“On behalf of H.E. President Hassan Sheik Mohamud, the Prime Minister, H.E. Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed and the Federal Government of Somalia, the Ministry of Information commends Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom’s rejection of al-Shabaab, and hopes his brave step inspires others to follow his example and embrace peace and unity” the minister said during joint press conference with Atam in Mogadishu.