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Update: 15 Injured From ministry for higher education’s Attacks Admitted At the Hospital

Storyline:National News

At least 15 sustained injuries as suspected Al-Shabab members attacked ministry for higher education building which is located in a busy street, setting off two big suicide blasts before they engaged gun battle with the security forces.

Ambulances rushed to the scene and ferried wounded victims to hospitals.
The Smoke could be seen rising over the compound.
Al-Shabab group has claimed credit for Tuesday’s attack.
“We are inside and fighting goes on,” Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military operations spokesman, told Reuters after attackers set off two blasts at the start of the assault.
At the end of March, Al-Shabaab fighters attacked Makka Al-Mukaramma hotal in Mogadishu using similar tactics of blasting and shooting their way inside. The death toll in the attack on the hotel was 15.