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UPDATE: Heavy fighting erupts Beled-Hawa district between gov’t troops and Janan forces

Storyline:National News, Security

Heavy fighting erupts Beled-Hawa district between government troops and former Jubaland security ministerJanan forces, the fighting which took place in the area of ​​the BP1 camp in Mandera, which is under the control of Abdirashid Janan forces has spread to other areas near the border with Mandera in Kenya.

The casualties are reported as a result of the war but still not known exactly how long it will be, as the battlefield is difficult to obtain information. The fighting affected Mandera County and Bulo Amin areas.

Mandera county leaders and residents accused Kenya government of giving room to the fugitive minister with armed troops in Kenya which illegal according to Kenya law.

Somalia previously asked Kenya to handover Janan who is wanted for “serious crimes” and escaped government custody last month in mogadishu.

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