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US ambassador appeals for dialogue amid political wrangles

Storyline:National News

US ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto has appealed for dialogue amid a continuing political row between the Federal Government and Federal Member states.

In a rare statement amid ongoing political tussles between the two levels of government, Ambassador Yamamoto said there was need for all sectors of the society to give room for dialogue.

“The United States calls on the Federal Government of Somalia, all Federal Member States, and citizens of Somalia to work towards political reconciliation, cooperation, and unity through peaceful dialogue,” Ambassador Yamamoto said in a statement.

The remarks come amid political fall-out in Puntland which saw parliament speaker Abdihakim Dhoobo Daared removed from office in a vote Thursday morning. Ahead of the vote, a gun fight ensued Wednesday evening at the state parliament compound leading to the death of two security officers and a civilian.

Dareed who is alleged to be allied to the Federal government against president Abdullahi Deni was kicked out in a majority vote with 49 out of 53 MPs voting in favour of the impeachment motion.

“We encourage all actors to come together and remain focused on working with Somalia’s international partners to bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Somalia,” the US ambassador said.