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US embassy lauds FGS’ recognition of Madobe as president

Storyline:National News, Politics

The US embassy in Somalia welcomes and supports the announcement of Federal government of Somalia to the Federal Member States Presidential meeting and recognition of Madobe as a President of Jubaland.

A statement from the US Embassy in Somalia said the reorganization of Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam was a step forward to the relationship and cooperation of the federal member state.

“The steps acted by the government of Somalia which are Dialogue and reconciliation are the key of Somalia’s peace and development” added the statement.

The statement also stated that this could pave the way to achieve a measurable goal of bringing together the federal government and regional administrations.

The Federal Government recognizes Ahmed Madobe as a temporary President of the Jubaland regional state government and calls Madobe to re-establishes general reconciliation for the Jubaland political stakeholders and other parties involved in the Madobe’s election of August 2019 held in Kismayo.

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