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US signals to provide more than $900 million in aid for Somalia in critical investment

Storyline:National News, World

A press release by the US embassy in Mogadishu has stated that the United States is committed to providing more than $900 million in critical investment.

The United States has re-established a permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia on December 2, 2018, after it closed its Mogadishu embassy in January 1991.

USAID which has also re-established its presence in Mogadishu creates a better tomorrow for the people of Somalia.

The United States is meeting life-saving humanitarian assistance needs, expanding education and healthcare; building institutions, good governance, and justice, creating jobs and advancing economic development and also providing stabilization and security for the people of Somalia.

The United State is considering direct support to Somalia in a bid to fast-track the debt relief process to attract development to Somalia Governance and Stabilization.

The US has also helped $110 million to the federal government of Somalia to help in establishing good governance, conflict resolution, and judicial reform.

U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Somalia has contributed $420 million in life-saving humanitarian assistance to Somalia this year.

The Supporting of secondary education for 160,000 youth in Somalia and 20,000 primary school children (45%) girls was also another support by the US government.

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