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US warplanes hit Al-shabab bases in Lower Shabelle region

Storyline:National News

US War planes strike areas in Lower Shabelle region where senior Al-shabab leaders were meeting.

The governor of Lower Shabelle region, Mohamed Noor Sidii speaking to VOA Somali service said the airstrike was aimed at top Al-shabab leaders meeting in an area between Sablale and Hawai in the region.

One person, a civilian died and two others wounded during the attack as eye witness confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

A spokesman for US defense ministry told CNN that the aim of the strike was reached.

On the other hand another airstrike carried out by unknown warplanes in Shaw locality of Hiran region where senior leaders were meeting.

These air strikes are coming a time when Indian Ocean operation launched by government forces and AMISOM is actively going on in Lower and middle Shabelle regions.

On 26th January this year, senior al-shabab leader, Iskudhuq was killed in a similar attack launched by US warplanes.