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US working with Kenya in fight against terror

Storyline:National News

indexThe United States said it is working with the Kenyan government to tame the growing danger of radicalism and terror attacks in the country.

The  U.S. assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said her government will support Kenya in the fight against Al Shabaab, which has staged a number of violent attacks.

“We’re hoping that we can work with Kenyans to change the security situation not just for Americans who are working and living in Kenya, but also for Kenyans, because the terrorist attacks have had a greater impact on the Kenyan population,” she said.

She said the recent relocation of US embassy staff is ‘temporary” and it only affected those involved in regional programs that focus outside Kenya.

“We have a strong partnership in terms of working with the government on fighting terrorism that has really been quite prevalent in Kenya over the past few months and past year”

She also raised concerns over the latest security crackdown that has seen the relocation of Somali urban refugees to camps and deportation of Somali nationals.

“Kenya should continue to offer  hospitality to people who are fleeing persecution from their countries,” she said.

She said US  has “a small cell of  military working with the Somali military to build their capacity”. The US has always maintained that it has no secret military presence in the Somalia.


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