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Victims of teashop blast transferred to Baledwein for treatment

Storyline:National News

At least one person has been confirmed dead and five other sustained injuries after bomb went off inside a tearoom at Halgan location which lies 75km south of Baledwein town.
The administration of Baledwein hospital has confirmed to Goobjoog News that the hospital has so far admitted five people including some with serious injuries.
Resident in Halgal told Goobjoog News that the explosion was caused by a bomb rubbed in paper bag that placed inside the teashop.
The target was Somali government soldiers and AU troops, who were reportedly chatting and having tea and coffee with the locals near the tearoom.
AMISOM and Somali government have yet comment on the incident and whether their soldiers sustained injuries from the blast.
No group has yet claimed the responsibility the blast.
This comes two days after Ethiopian soldiers under AMISOM opened fire on a civilian car prompting death of six people and injures of four others.

Halgan chief, Mustaf Horow Noor has confirmed to Goobjoog News saying the civilians were shot dead after they were ordered to stop their car.
There is no effective central government in Somalia since the collapse of the central government in 1991.
The AU troops and the Somali government soldiers a few months ago took control of Halgan from their opponent Al-Shabab.