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Office of Somali president expresses hope over national consultative conference

Storyline:National News

The Somali presidency  has expressed hope over the National Consultative Conference ahead of this year’s polls, even as sources indicated the political talks in Mogadishu have not led to any breakthrough .

The spokesman of Somali presidential palace, Dauud Aweys Jama’a, said  the government was committed to the opinion of the people of Somalia towards the upcoming elections in the country: “The reason why the leaders converge here is to iron out any existing differences.”

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s top official explained that when different sides come together to discuss on an issue, they were bound to have varied opinions. That, he stressed, did not amount to collapse of the talks.

Jama’a assured the  public of a concrete solution to the current impasse, soon.

The talks in Mogadishu come after the recent talks held Kismayo that did not yield any breakthrough after leaders disagreed on a suitable electoral option this year.

The talks collapsed after the various sides disagreed on how to select members of the Upper House.