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President Farmaajo picks 5th Chief of Staff in 2 years

Storyline:National News

Like the Trump administration in the U.S., Villa Somalia seems to be averse to continuity. The 5th Chief of Staff was unveiled Wednesday the subjecting the post to one of the highest human resource turn-overs in the country.

Dr. Nuur Diriye Hersi aka Fursaade is the new Chief of Staff at Villa Somalia replacing the only female to have served in the position Dr. Amina Sai’d Ali.

Dr. Ali had a brief stint at the Villa having served since August 2018 when she replaced Fahad Yasin  who was moved to Intelligence Headquarters as deputy director general.

Yasin considered a key political figure in the current administration was appointed Chief of Staff on June 3, 2017.

Yasin’s predecessor Abukar Abdi Osman was removed from office having served for barely three months. He was appointed on March 2, 2017.

Current Somalia ambassador to the EU Dr. Ali Sa’id Fiqi was the first Chief of Staff at Villa Somalia from February 16, 2017.