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VP of puntland State calls Somali women to give up Miraa (khat) business

Storyline:National News

The vice president of Semi-autonomous regional state, Puntland, Abdihakiin Omar Ameey has the first time talked about Khat, one of the enemies of Somali people which is believe to be the facilitator of the destruction of family cohesion and played major role in the high divorce rate prevalent among Somali members who are chewers.
The VP has urged Somali women who sell Khat in Somalia especially in Puntland State to look for another door to earn their daily bread rather than Khat which destructs capable community members.
“I could urge my Somali sisters to check attentively whether what they feed to their lovely children are allowed according to precious religion or not” The VP said.
He added that the crimes committed by many Somali young men are mostly resulted by the consumption of Khat therefore if people minimize its use there is high chance of probability to decrease crimes in the nation.
“Children grown up through Khat business are less active than those fed pure and lawful earned breads so we have consider lawfulness of our earnings” Ameey said.
“Khat” refers to the leaves of the Catha edulis tree, which is native to regions in East Africa and the Middle East. Khat has been chewed for centuries by people in countries such as Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya for its stimulant properties.
For Somalia khat importation represents a serious balance of payments problem. Habitual khat chewers’ working hours are often reduced. Khat causes financial constraints and strains in families with addicted members in Somalia.