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Waaberi team qualifies for final match of Banadir regional football tournament



Banadir regional football tournament is in its final stages, yesterday’s match between Waaberi and Karaan districts teams was tough.

Both teams lined up young, energetic, skilled and most interested and sorted players in the region in Banadir stadium.

Many fans from both districts filled the stadium thrice its capacity, the first half of the match ended on draw of 1-1.

During second half both teams changed their tactics but could not afford to score the winning goal which intern resulted in penalty shootout.

Waaberi team qualified for the final game of the tournament in 5-4 win over Karan team.

Today Hamarweyne and and Abdiaziz districts teams will play in Banadir staduim, the winner will face Waaberi in the final match on Friday.