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Waare address the regional state meeting in Nairobi-Kenya

Storyline:National News
FILE: President of HirShabelle state, Mohamed Abdi Waare,

Mohamed Abdi Waare HirShabelle state president addressed about the meeting held in Nairobi by the other regional state leaders of Somalia.

Waare said, “The meeting conference in Nairobi by the other regional state leaders is imperfect and incomplete to the co-operation of the regional co-operation councils.”

Mohamed Abdi Waare added that the state administrations have the right to hold special meetings, but the council cannot hold a meeting without one state missing in the conference.

Waare also mentioned that every regional state must be considered to his decisions and there should be no interference control with the regional co-operation councils.

HirShaballe state MPs had last week distributed an impeachment motion against president Waare on which they accused him of incompetence and failure to curb insecurity in the region, but later the MPs have dropped the impeachment motion following talks with Waare.

President Waare dropped his anti-government stance late month after a week-long meeting in Mogadishu distancing himself from the decision by his fellow state leaders to cease cooperation with the Federal Government.