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Wadajir boycotts parties’ meeting with Farmaajo, sets out conditions

Storyline:National News

Wadajir Party has boycotted political parties meeting with President Mohamed Farmaajo this morning setting out conditions for participation in the meeting.

Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur told Goobjoog News his party would not partake of the meeting unless Farmaajo accedes to three demands. The first, Abdishakur said, Farmaajo should come out publicly and tell the nation one person one vote is not possible in the 2020/21 elections.

The President should also clearly state he will not stay even a day at the Villa when his term expires and that elections will be hedl in time the Wadajir leader said. The other condition is that the president should commit to call a stakeholders conference to agree on the electoral model for the 2020/21 elections.

The final condition is for the president to apologise for the attack on his party headquarters December 17, 2017 and that those affected be compensated.

More than 60 political parties are currently meeting with the president at Villa Somalia.