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War Planes Hit Areas in Gedo in Response To Garissa University Attack

Storyline:National News

Kenyan War PlanesResidents in Gedo are reporting airstrikes there, presumably by Kenyan air force responding last week’s Garissa university attack.

War planes are mostly hitting rural areas suspected to be Alshabab hideouts. Residents has told Goobjoog that there might be casualties but could not confirm the extent.

The airstrikes has been ongoing since yesterday but sources say the intended targets might have been shifted already or dispersed in anticipation of the aerial attacks.

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed on Saturday to hit back at Alshabab, who claimed the responsibility of the attacks on Garissa College University.

In previous cases, Kenyan planes had launched aerial attacks in Somalia almost immediately whenever there is a terror attacks in Kenya.

On November last year deputy president William Ruto told the media that Kenyan military had killed at least 100 Alshabab members in response to execution of 28 hijacked bus riders near Mandera , an act claimed by Alshabab.

Four heavily armed men belonging to Alshabab has carried out a brazen attack on Garissa University college where they killed 147 students and staff, this has shocked the world as it was the second murderous act since 1998 embassy bombings in Nairobi.

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