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Ward official and kid killed in chilling murder incident in Hamar Jajab, Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

Armed men gunned down a ward official and a four year old girl in Hamar Jajab district Monday, an official of women organisation in Banaadir confirmed.

Banaadir Women Organisation chairperson Jawahir Barqab told Goobjoog News the deceased, Foos Mohamed Hussein was waylaid by young armed men as she reported to work in a street in Hamar Jajab and later killed.

“Foos was killed by armed men after she reported to clean the streets in Hamar Jajab. She fled her work station after spotting two suspicious looking young boys and decided to hide in a nearby house,” said Jawahir, adding “They followed her and broke into the house before firing at her and a four year old girl she was holding.”

The motive of the incident could not be immediately established. Fatoos, who was the head of the ward section becomes the third in similar post to be killed in Hamar Jajab district. No arrests had been made by the time of publishing this article.