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Warring clans in Galgadug region reach Official agreement in Abudwak

Storyline:National News
Abudwak district

Reports from Galgadud region state that official agreement was reached over tribal clashes between two clans that has claimed the lives of many people in the region.

The reconciliation meeting held in Abudwak district was attended by traditional elders, religious leaders and representatives of the clans from Abudwak, Herale and Balanbale districts in Galgadud region.

Adan Igal, one of the elders in Abudwak told Goobjoog FM through telephone conversation that the two sides agreed the outcomes of Abudwak conference as immediate cease fire and removal of militia from the area.

The elder added that this reconciliation forum will be a lasting solution to the tribal clashes in Galgadud region.

This reconciliation conference comes a time when many Somali intellectual in Galgadud region urge the federal government to give first priority to reconciliation between clans in the region before forming new regional administration.