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Water boozers deployed to drought-hit areas in Middle Shabelle region

Storyline:National News

 An umbrella formed by Somalis in abroad who are hailing from Middle Shabelle has deployed water tankers to areas that had been hardest hit by the drought in Middle Shabelle region.


These include rural parts of Jowhar and Mahaday districts, which have been seriously affected by water shortages.

More than five villages under the severe droughts have so fare received constant water supplies as the group toils to mitigate the situation.

On 14th this month, four people died of hunger and thirsty in rural areas around Jowhar town.

Mandhere chief, Aweys Hassan Adan, said the three members of one family died over the weekend in his village which is about 15 km Jowhar town and another person died in Ba’aadley village. They were two adults and a six-year-old child.

He said other families are at risk for similar fate if early action intervention is not taken.

The water pans, boreholes and other sources of water have dried up in rural areas and livestock herders have been moving to the regions seeking water.

Somali government officials, religious leaders and scholars have expresses a deep anxiety over the life conditions of hundreds of thousands of people living Lower and Shabelle regions.