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Water in parts of Mudug became pricy commodity

Storyline:National News

People of Baraag Issa locality in Mudug region are expressing concern over the scarcity of drinking water in the area.
After the failure of rainfall in many areas in Murug region people started fleeing from those areas in search water for themselves and their livestock.
Goobjoog News correspondent Mudug region, Ali Noor Eynte states that price of drinking in those areas sky rocketed leaving the people families with no any other alternative but to move away from their homes in search of water.
“A drum of water reaches Som sh75000 which made many families to move away from the area”
He added “The shortage of water in the area is caused by prolonged drought and the dry up of water sources, wells and dams forcing of the locals to flee their homes in search of water” he said.
He noted that the situations of area is getting worse day after day and that can lead people and their livestock to die lack of water.
He said residents depended on livestock for their livelihoods, “and once that is gone they are not far behind”.
Ali said local authorities did not have the means to deal with the situation and were therefore appealing to the government and aid agencies to intervene before the situation deteriorated even further.