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Water shortage hits many villages in Gedo region

Storyline:National News

The villages around Garbaharay district of Gedo regionare reported to have severe water shortage after water ponds went dry.
Residents of Daabley, Godey, Aano-maal Reysqode, Qadiida and Buraa villages are facing life threaten water shortage due to the dry season.
Elder Sheikh Mohamed Deerow in Daabley village  told Goobjoog FM that the situation of the villagers became worse after dams dried up while remaining wells mechanically broke down.
“We are in the dry season so all water wells and ponds went dry and there are no  public water boozers in vilage therefore people are not  able to fetch water from Garbaharay which is 40 away from the hamlet ” Deerow said
Several other localities in the region are reporting water shortages as people started immigrating to water sources in elsewhere in the