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Water shortage hits in Galgaduud

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of pastoralist families and their livestock in villages around Galgaduud region are facing an extreme water shortage as the water pans, boreholes and other sources of water have dried up.

A local resident who spoke to Goobjoog News said that The villages do not have a single water well and residents used to reply on dams and pans that are now dry.

“They currently have to rely on water brought from far away places” he said.

However, most of the residents cannot afford to pay for the imported water as the price has sharply increased.

speaking t Goobjoog News Galmudug Galmudug minister for assistance and disable people, Shire Hirsi Mohamud said that most of residents of those regions now suffering as they live in deplorable conditions.

He called upon international aid agencies and the Federal government to immediately initiate emergency relief measures to rescue the affected residents before the situation turns to worst.