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We achieved success in peace progress says President Farmajo

Storyline:National News, World

The Federal President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said his administration accomplished steady progress especially on the side of security in the operation code named “Stabilizing the City”.

Further security plans led to the preparation of additional 1,500 security personnel to maintain peace and stability in the city according to President Farmajo.

“We succeeded in security matters. We organized security strategies in a short time where 1,500 personnel made up of different armed forces with one central command are in place for city stabilization” he said.

President Farmjo alluded to the killings of top Alshabab commanders during military operations in conjunction with the help of AMISOM soldiers.

“I visited Djibouti, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya who is our brotherly neighbours welcomed us with open arms whose gallant sons are dying in our motherland in order to maintain peace in the country” added the Head of State.

The President referred to the London conference where he touched on the readiness and support of the International Community to rebuild the Somali National Army.

In the same breath, the Head of State mentioned about the drought and shortage of water in many provinces in Somalia which lead to the demise of human lives and nearly 90% of livestock especially among pastoralist communities.

President Farmajo narrated the rich resources of Somalia and as a result said his administration signed an MOU with an international company to carry out research on major water resources in order to reduce the recurrent destruction of drought in the country which is a among the top policies of his government.


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