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We are ready for talks with Galmudug state- Ahlus Sunnah

Storyline:National News, Security
Galmudug President Ahmed Du’alle Haaf. Alhus Sunnah said it is ready to told talks with his administration. Photo: courtesy

The self- proclaimed administration of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah in central Somalia has signified willingness to hold talks with the Galmudug administration.

The group’s deputy leader Professor Abdullahi Hisi Dirshe told Goobjoog News Alhus Sunnah was ready for talks to end the dispute with the regional government which has persisted since its formation in 2014. Dirshe added the talks were primary for the interest of the people in central Somalia.

“We are not an infallible entity as [self proclaimed] regional state in central Somalia. Mistakes do happen. We believe talks to be the remedy for conflicts between people, given ample time with good venue and with the right people” said Prof Dirshe.

The remarks come days after a former national army general, Noor Ahmed Galal said he had been mediating the talks between Alhus Sunnah and Galmudug administration noting he had made significant strides.

“The talks started way back and has passed many phases and it’s now on a good stage. It is agreed upon that the state capital to be Dhusamareb while Adado town will be home to the state parliament and Abudwak town to have the state judiciary” General Galal told Goobjoog News.

Alhus Sunnah still occupies Dhusamareb which is the official administrative capital of Galmudug forcing the state government to pitch tent in Adado.

Asked about the ongoing conflicts in Herale and Marergur which have claimed scores of lives, Dirshe said, “Confrontations do happen but we support talks based on reality, with responsibility, and experience. History will judge people.”

It is not clear yet if there are official talks between Alhus Sunnah and Galmudug state.