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We are Training Somali Commandos as to deal With Al-Shabab, Says Somali Prime Minister

Storyline:National News

Prime minister of Somali government,  Omar Abdirashi Ali Sharmarke accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte and some of his ministers, has appeared before the federal parliament on Saturday.
The premiere has highlighted his government’s progresses, challenges and plans in Today’s 6th parliament session.
He noted that his government made the security of the nation first priority and that it put on efforts to beef up the security in collaboration with the public.
“The security is the top priority of the government, if security fails there would be no unity, for the last three months Al-Shabab has been carry out brutal actions as the group double the acts to massacre Somali people but there is ongoing commando trainings for our soldiers who will conduct operations in areas under our enemy, the trainings are carrying out by our government in collaborating with its partners” the premier said.
He shaded light on the progresses made by his government on the federalization process and state formations in the country.
“I am very pleased with the ongoing Somali central state formation process, the conference kicked off 16th April in Adado town and picking out delegates of parliamentary selection body from the clans underway, it will be followed by the endorsement of Somali central state constitution, then the parliamentary selection body will start the selection of the regional MPs who will elect the upcoming president and the deputy president”
Omar voiced about the meeting of the Somali cabinet members on 7th May 2015 which they approved the three imperative commissions, National judicial service, Boundaries commission and National independent electoral commission.
Finally the prime minister urged the parliamentarian to approve the proposed laws, bills and three commissions approved by the cabinet as to pave way for elections to pave way for general election in September 2016