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We need to settle our differences amicably and forgive one another- PM Khaire

Storyline:National News, Politics
Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre. Photo file: Courtesy

Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire has emphasized on the need for the central government and federal member states to settle their political differences in cordial way.

Speaking yesterday in Jowhar during the second presidential inauguration of HirShabelle state of Dr. Mohamed Abdi Waare, PM Hassan noted the necessity of settling disputes amicably and forgiving one another since there are huge tasks waiting to be implemented in the country.

“Since we have a lot of work to do including creating unity among the people, finalizing the draft constitution, reaching one vote one person in 2020, to strengthen the relationship between the federal government and regional states. Let us change disputes into a pardon like the way the other leaders said here today before me” said the Premier.

The Premier also touched on the imperative of his government to support the youngest federal formed to ensure that the abundant resourceful region can support the whole country.

“We need to create economic resources so that we can stop begging the world. It is imperative that we initiate states departments that will cater for the service of the people. This state is rich in resource and we expect to feed the whole nation” said the Premier.

PM Hassan also noted the readiness of his administration to give a hand implementation of state developmental priorities in order to achieve the desired goal of delivering services to the grass root levels.

“Since your state is the youngest state in the federal Somalia, it is important that we extend support to you on reconciliation, harmony and unity among the diverse communities in Hirshabelle state. We need to implement devolution in all member states on building state departments like security and stability.”

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