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We shall continue with the motion even if the Premier reaches agreement with Jubbaland says Dahir Amiin Jeesow

Storyline:National News






Dahir Amiin Jeesow who is one the federal MPs that tabled a motion against the newly-formed Jubaland regional assembly said that the next meeting of the Federal Parliament, the voting of the motion will take place.
Speaking about the prime minister’s visit to Interim Jubba Administration, Jeesow noted that they will continue with their motion even if the premier reaches agreement with IJA as far as IJA parliament works.
“The prime minister has his own business and parliament has its own, the vote of the motion will take place immediately the parliament’s meeting starts” he said.
He has accused the leader of Jubbaland of insulting the federal Parliament and he has scoffed on the function of the federal parliament.
There was a delay in the vote would be taken on the motion filed against Ija parliament as political tensions arise between the government and Jubba administration due to this motion
Somali prime minister has on Tuesday paid visit to Kismayo as to iron out any differences with the regional administration.