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We will reclaim our regions under Somaliland and Puntland-Khatumo deputy leader

Storyline:National News

The self-declared state of Khatumo has claimed it intends to wrest control of regions under the control of Somaliland and Puntland.

The state deputy president Abdalla Mohamed Ali told Goobjoog News Khatumo will seek to advance its cause for recognition by the Federal Government and will therefore not accept to be part of Somaliland.

“We have held several consultative meetings in Buuhoodle, the interim capital with the local people and we now have a new system in Khatumo. We shall embark on getting back all locations under our jurisdiction in order to be recognised as a state, said Ali.

Ali added his state plans to take control of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn regions. Somaliland controls Sool and Sanaag regions while Ayn which is in Bari region is under the administrative authority of Puntland.

“Sool, Sanaag and Ayn were initially part of the Puntland state formation but what compelled Khatumo state to be formed was the lack of response by Puntland state when sections of the current Khatumo region was attacked and invaded by Somaliland forces,” Ali noted.

Khatumo state which is not recognised as a state in line with the federalism system in Somalia is headquartered in Buuhoodle with some part of it under the control of Somaliland.

Ali said Khatumo lawmakers in Puntland state assembly have been unable to help in pushing for the reclamation of their lost locations since they were occupied 8 years ago.

The deputy leader ruled out possibility of talks with Somaliland noting, “We have no direct communication with Somaliland and how we shall regain Las Anod is something I cannot divulge now but I am sure it is not through talks.”