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Well-known elder gunned down in Bardhere as allied troops close in on the town

Storyline:National News, Security

BardhereA Well-known elder was gunned down in Al-Shabaab controlled town of Bardhere in south of Somalia’s Gedo region witness says.
Three persons armed with pistols are said to have killed  Mohamed Dhere who was living in Kur-maan suburb.
A resident in Bardhere who asked not be named for security concerns told Goobjoog News that the assailants killed the elder after they called him to stop.
“We do not know where these murderers came from or which group they belong to but what we only know is that they managed to escape from the scene after the incident,” he said.
Mohamed was well known for his participation in reconciliation conference held for clans in the region.
Meanwhile, over ten thousand people are reported to be fleeing from Bardhere town since Somali National Army (SNA) backed by AMISOM troops headed for the town.
Eyewitnesses told Goobjoog News on Monday that residents were evacuating from the town using donkey carts and other available means of transport.
Somali National army and African Peacekeeping troops continue their advance towards Bardere, one of the last two remaining main cities under Alshabab rule.
The allied forces getting hand from locals and Jubbaland Interim Administration are reported to have been advancing from three directions to the city as Alshabab fighters started to flee nearby villages.
Bardhere is an important agricultural and business city with estimated population of 200,000 and Al-shabab has generated a lot of money from livestock in form of zakawat (taxes) to run the group.