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Work of AU forces praised

Storyline:National News

The African Union (AU) on Sunday praised the progress achieved to reach peace in Somalia, despite the increased attacks staged by the organization Al Shabab opposed to the Government.

Francisco Madeira, AU special representative for Somalia and head of the mission of the African Union (Amisom) highlighted the advance reached since the arrival of the first troops of the group to Mogadiscio in 2007.

This group is made up of 22,000 soldiers from various countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and Djibouti.

Madeira said at a meeting of the Committee for Coordination of the military operation of Amison, held in this city, that this group, through joint military operations and other interventions, has set up the scenario in the political process, particularly for the reconciliation and the State, which are an ongoing and tangible reality.

Madeira also referred to the political achievements in the relative peace achieved in this country, despite the attacks by members of Al Shabab.

Madeira said also that amid the most significant indicators of the tangible results reached by Amisom is the decision taken by the Government of Somalia on the electoral model to be implemented in coming elections set for late 2016.

Madeira mentioned the large amount of challenges ahead, before elections, particularly those related to security.