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Yeed district residents in desperate situation

Storyline:National News

The administration of Yeed district in Bakol district described the situation of the district as desperate after Al-shabab blocked the roads leading to the district curtailing free movement of much needed supplies.

Yeed district commissioner Abdi Sadaaq Duwane speaking to Goobjoog FM stated that government forces backed by AMISOM troops have attacked Al-shabab bases where it prevented essential goods from reaching the citizens and forcefully freed many trucks carrying goods.

He reiterated that Al-shabab members attempted to waylay the joint forces during the operation of opening the blocked roads but were stopped.

On the other hand the commissioner confirmed that unspecified number of livestock died in the district due to effects of the prolonged drought in the region adding that more livestock and even people might die if immediate help is not delivered to the area.

Mr. Duwane added that the residents in the district have not received any support from the federal government and humanitarian aid agencies.