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Yemen’s Houthi rebels appoint new military commanders, oust Saleh allies

Storyline:National News, World
Credit: Business Insider

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have appointed new military commanders and ousted commanders loyal to toppled former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, MENA news agency reported on Sunday.

In statements to MENA on Sunday, military sources said Houthis took the decision to fully control the forces.

Houthis also took several decisions vis-a-vis administrative appointments.

Saleh and Houthis, once partners in the coup against President Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, have recently fallen out with each other.

The Republican Guards in support of Saleh stepped up measures to be ready to confront any developments after Houthis arrested a number of their officers and soldiers in Sanaa.

Saleh directed the Republican Guards to protect both camps and strictly deal with any Houthi attempt to raid them or come near them.

Yemen has been entangled in civil war when Houthi and Saleh supporters attempted a coup against the internationally recognized Yemeni government of Hadi.

Almost a year ago, Saudi Arabia led an Arab coalition forces to back Hadi and resistance forces.

Source: Xinhua