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Zambian forces loot Somali money transfer shops and premises

Storyline:National News
Zambia and Boob
Somali business people packed on police pickups after looting

Reports from Zambia state that heavily armed government forces robed Somali money transfer shops and business premises on Wednesday.

Aidiid Ahmed Mohamed, Somali national in Zambia told Goobjoog FM through telephone that government forces cordoned the business premises of Somali nationals in the area and started beating the business people and looting all the properties.

The amount of the looted properties was not immediately specified.

Dozens of Somali national packed on police pickups were taken to police stations in the second capital city of Zambia where the planned robbery took place.

The government of Zambia has declined to give comment about this robbery, but Somali nationals in Zambia express  fear that such robbery might become normal like the xenophobic attacks against Somali businessmen in South Africa.