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15 primary school children in a bus perished in Saturday terror attack

Storyline:National News, Security
Vehicles were reduced into wrecks in the Saturday explosion claiming 276 lives. Photo: Goobjoog News|October 15, 2017

A school bus carrying 15 primary school children Saturday afternoon was trapped in the deadly bomb explosion killing all the children, medical sources have said.

Aamin Ambulance which has been operating round the clock ferrying the injured to various hospitals and transporting the dead told Goobjoog News the children whose school is yet to be identified perished in the attack.

“I can confirm to you that all the 15 primary school children who were in a bus heading home were killed,” said Dr. Abdulkadir Aden. The explosion which has been described as the deadliest ever has so far claimed 276 lives and destroyed property running into millions of dollars. More than 300 people were injured while 40 others were airlifted to Turkey Monday for further treatment.

Pictures from the scene showed mangled wreckage of vehicles while in some, passengers were trapped inside as fire consumed buildings in massive scale.

More to follow.